10 Gifs That Will Make You Want to Become a Welder

1. Everything is cooler is slow-motion.

2. It’s even more awesome when it’s a close-up.

3. This is called globular transfer. How cool is that?

Courtesy: YouTube user vurtrunner

4. Submerged arc welding uses a powder to protect the weld.

5. This is called ‘walking the cup.’

6. NASA uses this process to build rockets. It’s called friction stir welding.

Courtesy: Youtube channel MSU Gradstudent

7. There’s nothing like your welder friends to keep you motivated.

8. Isn’t looking this cool a good enough reason?

9. Underwater welding is probably the most gnarly career in the world.

Courtesy: YouTube channel Hard Hat Divers Corp.

1o. You can even become a welding robot programmer.

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