5 DIY Welding Projects for You to Tackle

Welding is more than a technical, scientific field. It can be a source of artistic expression and a way to release your creativity through homemade metallic creations. DIY projects are a great way to bring a personal touch to welding projects, while also practicing some basic welding skills. We’ve compiled a list of some easy and some challenging welding projects that you can tackle at home. Try them out and share photos of your creations in the comments.

1. MIG Welded Box

We’ll start you off with something pretty simple: a cube. You’ve got to walk before you can run, right?

The only metal you’ll need for this is some scrap 1/8″ steel, which you can probably find at your local welding shop or at a junkyard. While the project might seem simple enough, a slight difference in the size of one of the sides could end up making your project look more like a rhombus than a cube. Try this one out and see how perfect you can get your cube. You can get the instructions right here.

2. Spoon Flower

You’ve all seen the welded rose that gets posted across Instagram whenever it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or welder’s wife’s birthday. Well this project is along the same lines of that. You’re just going to need to sacrifice some cutlery for it.

The project is fairly easy, and once you’re done you can place it in a flower bed or hang it up on a wall. We don’t suggest giving this as a gift for a special holiday, though. You might just want to spring for some real flowers on those occasions. You can always use this spoon flower as backup. Check out the plans here.

3. Doorbell

Ding dong! It’s time to graduate to something a little more technical, but still within the wheelhouse of any new welder. With this project we’ll be creating a doorbell so you can show off your welding skills to anybody that comes to your front door.

The author of this DIY welding project got inspiration from an empty argon cylinder that had been sitting in his shop. You might just have one sitting around your shop as well, just waiting to be turned into a nice doorbell for your home. Have fun with this project before we move on to something more difficult. The instructions are right here.

4. Metallic Table

Now that you have all this fancy DIY welded projects, you’re gonna need a table to place it all on. Well, you’re in luck because you’re going to be building that table yourself.

This table will actually go well in a welding shop. It was designed with spaces in the table top for easy access to a clamp that will use the flat bars as footholds. It’ll be strong enough to hold some heavy objects, and you’ll have the option to add wheels to it to make it mobile. This is a fun and practical project for a welder. Here are the plans.

4. Tandem Bike

You’ve just spent a lot of time inside building all this great welding equipment and probably eating some junk food in the process. You’re going to need to get out and do some exercise to work it all off and get your body moving again. What better for that than a nice bike ride?

The best part about this is that you’ll be building a tandem bike, so once you’re done you can take a special someone out for a ride with you. But keep in mind that this is not a project that will take you an afternoon to complete. You’re going to have to dedicate some serious time to finishing this. But once you’re done, you’re going to have an amazing bicycle to show off to your friends and family, and you’ll get to tell them it was all made possible by welding. You can check out the plans for the tandem bike here.


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