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6 Awesome Welded American Flags

Today is the most patriotic day of the year, and there’s nothing more patriotic than good ‘ol fashion welding and American flags. So today we bring you some of the best American flag welding art we’ve found to inspire you in the shop.


We couldn’t find the creator of this flag, but it’s a great piece nonetheless. A piece like this should be easy enough for most welders to create.


This flag was once for sale on Etsy. Using the weaves for the stripes is a great artistic effect.



A user on WeldingWeb.com posted photos of this flag project which he built as a gift for his dad. That’s one lucky dad.


Here’s a North Dakota high school student posing with his welded flag, which he built himself last year.


This beautiful flag – which wraps around hand oiled pine – was created by Metal Art of Wisconsin.


We’ve saved the best for last. Jerry Ferguson of Local Motors created this amazing American flag out of metal to celebrate Independence Day. The 17″ x 24″ flag is made of blued steel, rusted steel and aluminum, with the yellow sparks from a steel grinder and steel wool and white sparks from titanium.

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