Editor's Pick Welding Art

8 Awesome Star Wars Welding Sculptures

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. To commemorate the occasion we’ve brought together a collection of amazing welding art inspired by these movies.

1. This AT-AT looks better than the ones from the original films.

Courtesy: Travis Teigen


2. This tie fighter looks just as good.

Courtesy: Instagram user @hoonart77


3. I think there’s a theme emerging here.

Courtesy: Instagram user @dospistolasmetalworks


4. Han Solo would be proud of this one.

Courtesy: scrap-metal-art-thailand.com


5. “Luke, I am your (scrap metal) father.”

Courtesy: oldsteelart.com


6. The best starfighter in the galaxy.

Courtesy: Travis Teigen


7. It might not be a sculpture, but it still looks awesome.

Courtesy: Richard Lauth


8. This is actually a fully functional log burner. Beep boop.

Courtesy: Instructables user @doddieszoomer

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