Advanced Shops Aim to be on the Top of their Game

Source: Advanced Manufacturing 

Shops looking for ways to improve productivity in traditional subtractive machining processes need look no further than ways to reduce setup time, improve spindle uptime, and implement CNC programming efficiencies. Shop managers overwhelmed by claims about the future of digitalization and Industry 4.0 can find ways to translate that exciting promise into their day-to-day operations—today.

GE Aviation has tested a way to ensure that every bolt on its engines is tightened perfectly using wearable smart AR technology that comprises Skylight software from Upskill, Glass Enterprise Edition smart glasses, and a Wi-Fi enabled Atlas-Copco Saltus MWR-85TA torque wrench.

One way would be to visit the newly expanded Siemens Technical Application Center (TAC) in Elk Grove Village, IL, for training in all things digital—from basic machining to advanced five-axis training and maintenance. Shops can visit Siemens’ TAC physically or via the Internet for training and learn how their shops can benefit from creating a virtual twin of all the steps taken to create a product using Siemens digital capability.

Another way shops can tap into the promise of the digital is by considering the experiences of GE Aviation and Boeing using Upskill’s Skylight platform on Glass Enterprise Edition wearable augmented reality glasses. Using the AR glasses provides a unique capability to perform processes on the shop floor that are extremely complicated (wiring Boeing Aircraft for example) or organized step-by-step to produce tightened bolts (on a GE jet engine) that must be torqued perfectly every time.

Here’s how companies large and small can benefit from the experience and models of these and other game-changing shop solutions.

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