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AWS Certification Programs: Everything You Need to Know

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Source: Welding Source Editorial Team | Cecilia Barbier

Whether you’re already a welder, a new welding student, or simply exploring your options for a career change, you probably already know that being a welder is more than just a job choice. It’s also a valuable investment in your future — and one that can lead to exciting and diverse career opportunities in welding inspection, welding education, welding supervision and others.

Exactly how far welding can take you? Only you can decide, but the newly improved Certification Programs breakdown is ready to show you, in the simplest of ways, how to make the most of it.

Our programs offer a wide-array of options including weld inspection, welding sales, welding engineering, and robotic arc welding, just to name a few. It’s no longer enough to just master the craft; hiring managers across industries are now demanding proof of the excellence, and our AWS Certification Programs will help you deliver.

Below is a sneak peak of the AWS Certification Programs, specifically the Certified Welding Inspector, featured in our new catalogs. Take a look and get ready to figure out which one fits you best and start building your career.


The AWS CWI® program was developed to address industry demand for a skilled workforce by confirming an individual’s ability to perform the duties required of a welding inspector. The AWS CWI® Program confirms your skills and expertise in weld inspection according to the high standards required and outlined in the AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors standard.

We have broken down all our Certification Programs like this, with even more information for each one. So if you want to increase your earning potential by getting Certified look out for this new catalog coming out soon! If you want to receive an alert for when it become available online, leave your email below, we promise not to spam you with anything else but what you check off in the form.

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