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Barbie the Welder: The Journey

Years ago Barbara Parsons was hauling scrap metal to make money and living in government subsidized housing. Today she is a world-renowned metal sculptor who creates art for people all around the globe.

In the first part of our video series we cover Barbie’s journey into the welding profession, and what made her decide to take her life down this path.


  • I am happy to see metal art alive in any form today. I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade but as a hobby I enjoy Blacksmith/Forging. When I see someone getting out in their shop and being creative, I am inspired to not only create but to also teach my art to someone so that metal art of any kind does not die!!!

  • I have been welding now on aircraft parts for just shy of 30 years…..I don’t have a story half as good as Barbie’s. Glad to see another person who finds life under a hood the best way to spend their time!
    Damn sure looking forward to the next video. Keep up the great work

  • We need more of these kinds of stories. Thanks for presenting and putting this together. May others be motivated to change by watching this and may God be glorified.

  • Barbie
    Really like your story reminds me of me 45 years ago. Did welded sculpture in college as an art major. Couldn’t get a job as an art teacher, went into welding for 20 years, then inspection. Just a safety tip. I had long hair like you, be sure to keep it covered and up. It’s kinda funny when you have to tell your hair dresser why you singed the bottom at the back of your long hair. For years I kept my hair at shoulder length until I stopped welding and did more inspection and quality assurance. I am retired now but I still work part time as an auditor and teach nondestructive testing at the local community college. Best of luck with your sculptural welding.

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