Celebrate ‘Bike to Work Day’ by Building Your Own Bike

Courtesy: Mike Swartz,

June 28th is #BikeToWorkDay, and what better way is there to celebrate then by making some plans to build and weld your own bike.

Mike Swartz wrote about his journey building his own bike at, and had this to say about it: “I pride myself as a builder of things. In my day job at Upstatement, I build websites. But in my daydreams, I think about building physical objects. I’ve built a few wooden tables and fabricated a couple steel pieces with MIG and TIG welds, but I wanted a project that would push me to learn more about metalworking and the metal shop itself.”

If pushing yourself and learning more about welding are goals of yours, then this jut may be the project for you.

Learn more and Mike’s journey and see how you can start your own DIY bike build right here.

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