Leaked Photos Reveal Tesla’s Robotic Assembly Line

This week, energy giant Tesla took delivery of a large shipment of advanced robots meant to play an important part in the production process of the upcoming Model 3.

Speaking of the company’s production plans, the firm took the receipt for over 400 new robots in the recent weeks. CEO, Elon Musk, has always been a fan of using advanced robots on the assembly line and has even claimed that Tesla’s array of robots is the largest and most advanced globally.

In the previous year, Musk took to social media saying the production line has 542 robots which have obviously increased in the time since then. Considering the Model 3 mass production is on the horizon, Tesla is quite keen on automating a lot of the production process which is a point that Musk emphasized during a conference about earnings last year.

These robots, developed by the German manufacturer Kuka Robotics, are going to handle the Model 3 line duties such as laser welding, handling, spot welding and loading materials.

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