NASA’s Venus Chamber Breaks Record with Completion of 80-day Test

Source: NASA

Source: NASA

After an 80-day test at Venus surface conditions and a two-week cooling period, samples were removed from Glenn’s Extreme Environments Rig (GEER) at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, July 13, nearly doubling the facility’s previous duration record of 42 days.

This new record puts researchers one step closer to understanding the effect a long-duration exposure to Venus’ atmosphere has on materials. With this knowledge, technology can be developed to allow for future missions to our sister planet.

The goal is to catalog what reactions take place, further understand how the materials react and which may be viable for future Venus missions.

“Venus is a hellhole, to put it mildly,” said Dr. Ralph Harvey, Case Western Reserve University Planetary Materials professor. “We’re not going to solve all of Venus’ problems, but we’re going to create a new starting point that may let us and others get there in the future.”

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