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Welding Instructor Makes Fidget Spinners with a Purpose

by: Chellsie Brown, sourced from nwahomepage.com

Fidget spinners  are one of the newest toy crazes and they are  made with the intention of keeping you focused and calm.

Now one local school teacher is making them with a purpose.

Mark Mansell teaches welding at NTI in Springdale. After one of his students suggested he make a fidget spinner he said it took off.  He said, “We had a student that came to us in my class and said, ‘Hey, will you print me one of these  3D fidget spinners.'”

Mansell said, “Everybody in the class loved it, so we started printing them for everybody and then they said hey, why don’t we start selling those for a fundraiser. ”

Read the full story and watch the video here.

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