Wind Turbine Manufacturing in the US: Market Outlook

Source: IBIS World Market Research

Candle in the wind: Dwindling government support will hurt demand for new turbines

  • Evolution of wind turbines, and the potential rise of offshore wind in the coming years, has led to mergers
  • The vast majority of wind turbine installations contain domestically manufactured parts
  • Employment is anticipated to fluctuate in response to changes in demand

The Wind Turbine Manufacturing industry requires a large amount of capital in the form of plant and equipment. The assembly process involves repetitive actions that can be automated to increase production speed and cost efficiency, but workers are needed to fine tune and perform quality control throughout the assembly line. In 2017, for every dollar spent on wages, industry companies are expected to invest $0.09 on capital. Although production line workers command modest wages, the industry is also dependent on a large number of highly skilled machinists, engineers and production managers. However, capital intensity has fluctuated significantly over the past five years as manufacturers have struggled to adapt their operations to a highly volatile market.

Market Share of Companies
General Electric Company

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